New Videos: DJ Khaled x Ace Hood, Twista, Riff Raff, MC Shan, Nemo


New music videos for your viewing pleasure

1. DJ Khaled (feat. Ace Hood) – “Don’t Get Me Started”

Nothing here really aside from Ace going nut & Khaled co-signing in the background. It goes without saying that we’ve seen that a million times before.

2. Twista – “I Ain’t Wired Right”

Twista gets mad points for the CGI effects happening in this video. It slightly reminds us of some Missy Elliott (“The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)”) or Busta Rhymes (“What’s It Gonna Be?!”) throwback shit.

3. Riff Raff – “Summer Of Surf”

Riff is a funny-looking dude—that goes without saying. However, you gotta give him credit for being himself and having fun with his craft. That shines through on this video.

4. MC Shan – “Let’s Bring Hip-Hop Back”

Low budget video to the max, but Shan gets much respect from us based off his name alone. We’re definitely co-signing the message he’s conveying as well.

5. Nemo – “Elevator Music”

Pretty simple, but you get a lot of dude’s personality from the clips that pop up throughout the video. We respect it.