New Videos: Lupe Fiasco, Diplo x Lazerdisk Party Sex, Killer Mike x Scar, Pavy x Sir Michael Rocks, Yung Mac x Ducklang x Henny Yello, Public Enemy x DMC

New music videos for your viewing pleasure

1. Lupe Fiasco – “Bitch Bad”

There’s a powerful message here, strong enough to make us all self reflect on what we’re really conveying with the current use of the term “bad bitch.” This video brought the song to life in so many ways. One up for Lupe for this video.

2. Diplo (feat. Lazerdisk Party Sex) – “Set It Off”

This video proves that pole dancing truly is an art form. Wow…

3. Killer Mike (feat. Scar) – “Untitled”

The whole thing feels like one big important Black History lesson. Aside from that interesting visual, the softness of the lens makes it look like a moving painting. Pretty dope, we must say.

4. Pavy (feat. Sir Michael Rocks) – “Heroin”

With a title like “Heroin,” you had to expect this video to be trippy as hell. Just try not to bug out, especially if you’re on the actual substance while watching—although you shouldn’t be to begin with!

5. Yung Mac (feat. Ducklang & Henny Yello) – “Dinosaur Swag”

Come on now! With a song called “Dinosaur Swag,” we were expecting at least one dinosaur in the video. Was Barney not available for appearances?

6. Public Enemy (feat. DMC) – “RLTK”

If you pay attention to this video, it’s kind of like a hip hop history cipher. Besides, we got to give them props for still rocking those Adidas track suits hard body. That sort of dedication deserves much respect.