New Videos: Sir Michael Rocks x Tris J, Red Cafe x Fat Trel, Twista, Moka Blast x Jadakiss, Riff Raff


New music videos for your viewing pleasure

1. Sir Michael Rocks (feat. Tris J) – “GED”

Sometimes all you need is your right hand homie and a fly ass ride to cruise down the block in to make a chill video. We’re not mad at that at all.

2. Red Cafe (feat. Fat Trel) – “Up In Here”

Ciroc, beautiful women, and a crowd of people partying—this video looks like an underground Diddy party.

3. Twista – “Bath and Bodyworks”

From that useful information in the intro, we thought this was going to be introspective. It turned out to be just dudes hanging out “in the trap.”

4. Moka Blast (feat. Jadakiss) – “Does This For Real”

Just a whole lot of stuntin’ going on here. The private jet is pretty fly though.

5. Riff Raff – “Rap Game Donut Sprinkles”

Although the song—especially that trippy beat—is more interesting than the actual video itself, there’s something cool about friends just kicking it in the streets and being carefree.