New Web Show ‘BRKDWN’ Tackles The Daily Gossip Grind

Don’t have time to read all of your current event craziness? TMZ a lil’ too biased toward urban audiences for you? CNN too stiff for your midday giggles? Check out the new web video version of your gossip goodies with BRKDWN, the urban slanted take on pop culture and entertainment. With a daily dose of deranged and detailed down-lowness, turned up hosts Cynthia LuCiette and Jon “Two Ts” Scarlett, give a hyper-fused highlight of the day’s most talked about topics…but with their own bugged out twist.

BRKDWN takes no prisoners by slamming celebs, politicians and their own hosts from time to hilarious time. In quick bites of comedy laced with introspective insight (think SNL, The Daily 10 and Talk Soup rolled into one), BRKDWN is fast paced and punchy. What’s the latest craze in technology? Why is the US going straight up broke? Who is fighting to stay relevant amidst the ever-changing landscape of Entertainment? Tune in to their YouTube channel here and watch some of the clips below to find out:

Republican Todd Akin is under the impression you can’t get pregnant from legitimate rape…

Cynthia explores the custody battle between Usher and Tameka Raymond, Rihanna’s crazy relationship with Rita Ora, Kim K’s new ‘do, and Snooki’s baby “Meatball.”

Nike and Lebron charging $300+ for most technologically advanced shoe to date!

The Rich Kids of Instagram have taken over Tumblr and created quite the buzz