Nicki Minaj Performs Free Show With Cam’ron, Drake, Foxy Brown & Lil Wayne

Miss reports:
“It was Nicki Minaj-mania on Tuesday in New York City. The busy day began with an appearance on the Today Show, as fans lined up for over 24-hours at Manhattan’s Rockefeller Plaza just for a glimpse of the pop star. That carried over into the evening as Nicki held a secret concert at Roseland Ballroom in Times Square for her hardcore Team Minaj fans.

The event, which was live streamed by FUSE TV and Pepsi, showcased her entire catalogue including chart-topping hits and mixtape favorites. Nicki also made sure to bring out the family. From Cam’Ron for “I Am Your Leader,” to Drake for “Up All Night” and “Make Me Proud,” fans watched plenty of surprises unfold, but none more monumental than Foxy Brown. Fox Boogie joined the stage to her street anthem “BK Anthem,” though, there was sound problems with the DJ. However, that didn’t hamper the moment as Fox continued with the classics “Oh Yeah” and “Tables Will Turn” before Nicki named Brown’s Broken Silence album as a life changer before thanking her for being an innovator.”

Vibe’s own Online Music Editor Mikey Fresh was on hand to witness the glorious scenes:
“This moment was pretty epic. The love Nicki showed Foxy was genuine and you could see it in both their eyes. I thought it was really interesting that Foxy made it a point to say multiple times that Nicki was helping Foxy make her return. Imagine if Nick got Foxy Boogie signed to YMCMB.”

“Nicki Minaj bringing out Drizzy was another huge moment of the night. The crowd erupted like a volcano when this man hit the stage. My damn ears are still ringing.”

“Now, Drake definitely got the crowd yelling at the top of their lungs but the pure electricity that Weezy brought on was unmatched. Songwise, Weezy dived into familiar material but there was a short a capella stint that could be a preview of a new track from Tunechi. Check it out at the beginning of this clip.”

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