NY Giants vs NY Jets: The Meek Shall Inherit New York

The city of New York is obviously big enough for two football teams, but someone’s got to be the little brother.

Both teams had mediocre 2011 regular seasons with one finishing 8-8 and the other finishing 9-7. Although the records were close their outcomes were totally different. One team finished the season winning three of their last four games and squeaking into the playoffs. The other team only won one of their last four games and missed the playoffs. Of those final four games, each team faced each other and the final score was 29 -14.

The team that snuck in the back door of the playoffs managed to get into VIP and pop bottles with a silver trophy named Lombardi.

The New York Giants won the Super Bowl. The New York Jets won nothing.

Yet, it is the New York Jets that have received all of the media attention heading into the 2012 NFL season. In the offseason, they acquired the closest thing to a Christian unicorn in Tim Tebow, Rex Ryan lost weight, and failed to add a reliable WR opposite Santonio Holmes.

The Giants won the championship of America’s most popular sport and yet ESPN and the rest of the media is treating them like stepchildren. The loudest person in the room is often times the weakest, and in New York — the Jets are definitely the loudest team in the room and the media isn’t helping. The Giants don’t mind one bit, they keep their mouths closed, play football, and just win. The G-Men have a small town mindset in one of the world’s largest cities. In today’s sports world, where trash talk and self-promotion are virtually required, the Giants are all about modesty and being meek.

Even if the Giants are fine with the Jets getting all of the attention, the question of why still needs to be asked. The Giants, not the Jets, won the Super Bowl. It’s as if the Jets are on sports media welfare, they get all the benefits of winning but they haven’t won anything.

The question is the national media, which is driven by New York media is treating the Giants like they are the little brother?

Tell us why you think the Giants are getting no love from the national media right now.

Just in case you were wondering….I’m from Oklahoma and have only been living in New York for a little over a year. I’m a full-time Oakland Raiders fan and part-time Dallas Cowboys fan.

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