NYC Pleasure Carts Giving Away 10,000 Vibrators


Use caution when approaching your designated hot dog cart Wednesday and Thursday.

In an effort to erase the stigma associated vibrators, Trojan Vibrations is unleashing two “hot dog” carts disguised as “pleasure carts” to give away 10,000 vibrators over the next two days.

“What we’re doing is taking something like a hot dog cart that is so everyday and so mainstream, and we’re showing people that vibrators are mainstream,” Bruce Weiss, vice president for marketing at Trojan tells the New York Times.

In the official press release Trojan calls this “the largest-ever vibrator giveaway of its kind.” Consumers have the opportunity to walk away with either the Tri-Phoria device, which sells for $40, or the Pulse, which sells for $30 in drug stores such as CVS and Walgreens.

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