Ochocinco Faces Foreclosure, Evelyn Drops the “Johnson” Last Name


Things can’t get any worse for Chad Ochocinco. Recent reports revealed he is facing foreclosure on his 16th floor condo in Miami. The former wide receiver for the Miami Dolphins is apparently behind on his payments, approximately $28,703 behind. With his release from the Dolphins and Vh1 canceling the “Ev and Ocho” show, he will have a hard time playing catch up with his bills, he has even gone as far as asking for financial support taking out a $150,000 mortgage from two Palm Beach County investors.

Meanwhile, Evelyn has decided she isn’t ready to answer questions surrounding the unfortunate incident and made the decision to cancel all public appearances. According to TMZ, she was scheduled to participate in the 2nd half of her book tour for her newly released novel The Wives Association: Inner Circle. Evelyn has stayed clear from all social media as well, she hasn’t tweeted in 5 days but did make sure she updated her name from Evelyn Johnson to Evelyn Lozada. The plot thickens as the ex of Ochocinco, whom claims she experienced a similar incident with Chad in college, is coming forward stating she has been trying to get in contact with Evelyn. She explained to TMZ that she has made several attempts to contact Evelyn through various social media outlets to shares stories hoping that the exchange will help them both heal.

Interesting. Vixens, do you think the ex is trying to get her 15 minutes or do you think her attempt to connect with Evelyn is genuine?