One Reason Why Your Girls Should Come Before Your Man


My friend and I were talking yesterday about how you can lose everything in a matter of seconds.

Evelyn Lozada had it all: a successful career, a great relationship and a beautiful wedding. The only thing lacking was her “ex-best friend” and Basketball Wives co-star Jennifer Williams.

After a domestic dispute, where Chad Johnson allegedly head butted Lozada, the couple’s show was dropped from VH1, Chad lost his position with the Miami Dolphins and divorced papers were filed shortly after. And in the midst of all of the chaos, Evelyn is dealing with the loss of her brother-in-law, Anthony Ochoa, who died of cancer shortly after her marriage plummeted.

However, in regards to her marriage, all of this could have been avoided if she would have followed rule number 1: never let a guy come between you and your girlfriends.

Evelyn treated Jennifer horribly when they two disagreed about Ev’s budding romance with Chad. Yes, Jennifer shouldn’t have spoken publicly about her feelings toward the union, but she, unfortunately ended up being right.

A simple disagreement spiraled into major fights, name-calling threats and tears. Evelyn lost her best friend for a man that didn’t have her best interest in mind. Regardless of Evelyn’s behavior towards Jennifer, and everyone else on Basketball Wives, she did not deserve to be mistreated by the man she married.

It’s unfortunate that Evelyn is experiencing so much at one time, but I’m happy that Jennifer put her feelings aside to extend support. It’s exciting to see some positive aspects blossom from such a horrible situation. Instead of VH1’s Ev & Chad maybe Evelyn and Jennifer could get a spin-off of Basketball Wives to show their lives post-divorce…without cat fights.

Vixens, share your thoughts!