PJ Morton Lights Up New York City’s Canal Room

PJ Morton usually plays the background, but that wasn’t the case last night (August 8) at New York City’s Canal Room. Maroon 5’s keyboardist and Soothe Your Soul Entertainment/Young Money Entertainment newest signee headlined his own set at to a packed room of anxious spectators.

Embraced by the crowd as well as his Young Money family, Mack Maine, Birdman, and Busta Rhymes presented the newest member of their family before premiering the video for his Lil Wayne-assisted single, “Lover.” Stepping into the spotlight shortly thereafter, PJ managed to shut lower Manhattan down, with his renditions of Bob Marley’s “Is this Love?” and Otis Redding’s “Try a Little Tenderness,” while seguing in and out his own work.

Making hips sway to his soulful, tropical sound, New York native, Emily King made an appearance assisting PJ with a rendition of “Love You More.” Drawing from his southern roots, the New Orleans native then transitioned in an energizing performance of “Heavy” sans Adam Levine, from his spring EP, Following My First Mind.

Using only live instrumentation throughout the duration of his set, the seasoned performer appeared to be in love with the notion love, slowing things down with a heartfelt “Good Days, Bad Days,” and “How it Use to Be/How We Were,” from his first album, Emotions.

The crowd pulsated with affection as the lights switched from the cool blue hue to a bright yellow hue signaling the end of the hour and a half journey. “You all are my family,” he proclaimed as he led the crowd in sing-a-long of Cynthia Fee’s “Thank You for Being a Friend,” the song commonly known as the theme from Golden Girls. A chorus of Gary Portnoy’s “Where Everybody Knows Your Name,” from Cheers followed shorty along with laughter, applause, and smiles.

Though he’s known as a Grammy Award Winner and is worthy of the pedestal on which he sits, PJ Morton left his signature on all hearts yesterday night, something that when genuine cannot easily be erased.