Pop Quiz: Does Mac Miller Know His 90s R&B?

While ex-’90s pillars like SWV and Brandy stage musical comebacks, chances are many ’90s babies aren’t properly schooled on the golden era. Can a member of the swag generation pass the rhythm and blues bar? VIBE springs a pop quiz on proud rap scholar Mac Miller.

1. Which R&B sub-genre hatched Jodeci, Guy, and Keith Sweat?

Mac Miller Response: Neo-Soul

2. On Bell Biv DeVoe’s “Poison” the trio cautions dudes not to trust:

The police

3. What is SWV an acronym for?

Sisters With Voices

4. What times of day did TLC’s Left Eye claim she wasn’t “too proud to beg”

In the afternoon

5. Who were MoKenStef?

Milk ‘N Stuff? R&B Singers?

6. Drake samples which Aaliyah tune on his Thank Me Later track “Unforgettable”

“At Your Best (You Are Love)”

7. Name a Brian McKnight single from the ’90s not named “Anytime.”

“Back at One”

8. En Vogue’s “Don’t Let Go (Love)” appears on the soundtrack to this badass femme flick:

I don’t know.

9. Producer/crooner Teddy Riley raps on which song about apple bottoms?

“Rump Shaker”

10. Brandy and Monica copped a Grammy for their collabo “The Boy is Mine.” Sing the hook.

“The boy is miiiinnne!” Do I get extra points if I sing the falsetto?


With 50 percent accuracy, 1992 baby Mac Miler pulled a solid C, though the freshmen MC should consider searching Spotify for extra edutainment. Catch the Pittsburgher hitting Rock the Bells stages this August and September.

1. New Jack Swing | 2. “A big butt and a smile” | 3. “In the morning or the middle of the night” | 4. Correct | 5. Correct | 6. Correct | 7. Correct | 8. Set It Off | 9. Correct | 10. “You need to give it up. Had about enough. It’s not hard to see. The boy is mine”

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