Professional Athletes Can Hug & Kiss On The Court, But “Pause/No Homo” Off the Court


From Hello Beautiful – Even though Frank Ocean came out and 2 Chainz has been rocking gear almost as questionable asKanye West’s, homophobia is still a taboo and maybe even scary topic for urban culture.

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How is it that in sports, men smacking each others’ butts, sharing a kiss on the cheek or an embrace longer than Kim Kardashian’s marriage to Kris Humphries is 100% acceptable, but the minute they walk off the court, field or whatever they’re playing on, the homophobia sets in and words like, “Pause” and “No Homo” are uttered to dispel any homosexual rumors?

Sylvia Harvey, a journalist from NewsOne has created a documentary that digs deep into this very interesting topic.

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