Quake Artist Paul Steed Passes Away

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For those outside the gaming world, Paul Steed may sound like an incredibly dope name for the XXX business.

But for us inside of it, Steed was the unequivocal voice of the new generation of gamers. The incredible artist, speaker and creativist passed away unexpectedly on August 11,

Paul Steed, best known for his 3D modeling work at id software working on classics like Quake and Wing Commander, has passed away unexpectedly. As of writing this, no details have yet been divulged behind his untimely passing. Best known for his 3-D modeling work with the Quake franchise, Steed got his start at Origin where he was a concept artist. After creating some stellar gameflow storyboards for Trade Commander, he later stepped in to work on Privateer. His impressive ability to draw beautiful women would eventually become one of his world-renowned trademarks.

Blessed to have an incredibly diverse career, Steed was also an author who wrote three books on modeling and animating game characters for 3-D games, a console developer, a game developer, a keynote speaker and ran his own game development company, Exigent. He served on the Advisory Board for Game’s Developer Conference for many years and was Creative Director for Microsoft’s Xbox and Atari.

A 22 year career in the gaming industry saw him create, flourish and wreak havoc across the board for the likes of EA, Activision, Sony, Interplay, Virgin, id Software and Wild Tangent—just to name a few. The news of Paul Steed’s passing comes from The Jace Hall Show, where he is credited with being the highlight of their first season. They have a great synopsis of Steed’s career as well. Host Jace Hall called Steed “a close friend” and “simply one of the first cutting edge low-poly 3-D modelers to ever exist in the industry.”

Steed is survived by his wife and children.

Props: Kotaku