Queen Elizabeth Sports Hoodie While Ducking in Car

Queen Elizabeth maybe undergoing a hip-hop fashion transformation.

US Weekly recently spotted the Queen of England wearing a hoodie while sitting behind the wheel of a Range Rover. The photo was reportedly was taken after a grouse hunting session over the weekend

The Queen is currently 86-years-old grandmother and still keeps a watchful eye of Harry, 27, and Prince William, 30, along with 6-other grand kids.

Let’s hope Harry’s recent Sin City antics aren’t a part of this odd photo

The Queen reportedly met up with her grandson Harry and his father, Prince Charles, after the Las Vegas pictures were released. Not all of the family has been as supportive as Prince Charles and the Queen, Us Weekly reported. His brother William decided to remain at his home in Angelsey, Wales, with his wife Kate Middleton rather than attend the emergency family summit.