Reebok Re-Ups With Rick Ross, A.I., Tyga & Swizz Beatz


Yesterday, August 21, the Las Vegas strip was hotter than usual as Swizz Beatz unveiled the new line-up of classics kicks during the Project Showcase at the Mandalay Bay Hotel. With Reebok’s top executive, Todd Krinsky a few feet away, Swizz introduced the brand representative, NBA icon Dominique Wilkens, rap superstar Rick Ross, NBA superhero Allen Iverson and hip-hop newcomer Tyga as the leaders of the new school with traditional rules.

After introducing the line-up Swizz held a panel discussion that ran the gamut of inspiration from the 90s sneaker designs to bridging the gap between the new wave of kids getting information with the Internet and research. Iverson got a bit emotional about having his first signature shoe, Rick Ross played on the lane of being a self-made business man and Wilkens talked about the old days of breaking into the tough sneaker market. Tyga was seemingly taking it all in, soaking up the knowledge that, “these older guys give me…not to call yall older but yall know what I mean, haha.”

A few questions from the crowd about style, pricing and which kicks to bring back summed up the gathering. The Reebok team wasn’t done though, they presented Ross with a congratulations cake for having the number one album in the country with, God Forgives, I Don’t.

These dudes are on a mission to bring Reebok back!!