Rihanna, The Church Girl?


Rihanna has done it again. The 24-year-old switched up her image, keeping the media and fans on their toes. The self-proclaimed bad girl is now using that same BadGirlRiRi Instagram handle that once showcased her outlandish lifestyle, love for strippers and admiration for drugs to lead a daily devotional she affectionately dubbed #DevotionNavy.  

Is she becoming ChurchGirlRiRi?

#DevotionNavy has only been around a few weeks, but how long do you think this will last? One week? One month? Or will she do what few before have managed to do: make it the entire year shooting off scriptures via social media. Rihanna seems to be similar to most young adults her age; she has a strong faith in the Lord but enjoys ratchet things with her friends. It’s true for most that when times get rough–Rihanna has grieved her Gran Gran Dolly’s passing as well as media bashing of her alleged promiscuity with artists–people seek to strengthen their spirituality, but has partying with rappers and princes, sleepless nights and the fame monster truly broken the rebel down? Or is she toying around with this newfound faith to clean up her image?

Let us know your opinion!–@byronlinnell


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