Robert Downey Jr. Injured On “Iron Man 3″ Set

Production on Iron Man 3 was temporarily halted yesterday due to an injury that befell the film’s leading man.

Robert Downey Jr. sustained an ankle injury while on the set of Iron Man 3, which is currently filming in Wilmington, North Carolina. The actor who plays Tony Stark, and raised quite the ruckus in The Avengers, incurred the injury while performing a stunt. Director Shane Black (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang) has enforced a short delay in the production schedule while he recuperates from his injury.

The third installment of the popular Iron Man saga was written by Black, with co-writer credits given to Drew Pearce, and has supposedly been the victim of a leak. The film’s description recently went viral, appearing on ComicBookMovie website, and apparently Tony Stark has had enough of the whole superhero gig and with fighting crime. After saving the world countless amount of times, the film supposedly shows Stark in Iron Man mode, laying in the rubble, and taking off his faceplate to reveal a bloodied-up mess.

Other scenes show him arguing with Pepper Potts (played by Gwyneth Paltrow), and his home, yet again, being blown to bits, sending Tony and Pepper into the sea. The final shots show Stark swimming underwater towards his “heart reactor,” before the new logo is shown. The final part of the description finds Tony walking through the snow dragging a large bag with him, followed by the logo.

With War Machine (Don Cheadle) returning and talks of a new villain, The Mandarin (Ben Kingsley), it seems that Iron Man 3 looks to rival The Dark Knight Rises in tone and substance. You can expect to see the excitement unfold as it is planned to hit theaters on May 3, 2013.

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Props: SuperHeroHype