Ryan Dunn’s Estate Being Sued Over Drunk Driving Death

Late Jackass star Ryan Dunn’s estate was recently hit with some startling news.

The parent’s of Zachary Hartwell, the passenger in Dunn’s car who was also killed in the same tragic car accident that took his life, are suing Dunn’s estate for “reckless and negligent related to the drinking-and-driving tragedy.

According to police reports Dunn’s blood alcohol level was more than two times the legal driving limit when he crashed his car in the fatal accident back in of June 2011.

Hartwell’s parents are also taking action against bar owners at Barnaby’s of America for allegedly serving alcohol to an inebriated Dunn.

The family is seeking compensation to cover expenses associated with their son’s death, including funeral costs, and the wages he would have earned in his lifetime.