Shaquille O’Neal and Nicole “Hoopz” Break Up Following Outburst


and his finacee Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander are over.

There is no real confirmation as to what led to the breakup, but sources are blaming a fight the two had outside an Orlando gym.

Sources report that the two tried to gain entry into Orlando Metro Gymnastics but were denied admission because Hoopz, who was seeking training, was too old for the school. The school only trains up the age of 18, for insurance purposes, and mistook Hoopz to be a lot younger than she is.

What happened next is what allegedly broke the camel’s back.

Hoopz went on a tirade, screaming and cursing at the staff claiming she needed to train for the 2016 Olympics. Out of sheer embarrassment, O’Neal said nothing until both had removed themselves from the situation; that’s what led to the fight between the couple. Apparently during the argument Hoopz screamed out some nasty, hurtful words and caused him to end everything.

Maybe the split is for the better; now that Hoopz is single she can focus on that 2016 Olympic dreams of hers. Good luck.–Sharifa Daniels

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