She Found Love? 10 Hotties Rihanna Has Been Linked To Romantically


We’re starting to get the feeling that Rihanna is going to be linked to every guy on the planet at some point in time. Seriously. Not a day goes by that we don’t hear that she’s texting this guy or sneaking around with that guy. It’s gotten so ridiculous that if she is doing half the things that the tabloids say she’s doing when it comes to dating, then we’re concerned about her health! Like, when does she have time to eat and sleep?!

We know that all tabloid stories are not created equal. So, most of the stories about Rihanna’s love life that get reported probably aren’t true. And, that includes the latest rumor that involves Rih-Rih sending Robert Pattinson “sexy, funny texts” in the wake of his breakup with Kristen Stewart. But, still, it’s pretty amazing that she gets linked to so many guys these days. So, in light of the most recent story, we decided to put together a list of 10 Guys Rihanna Has Been Linked To Romantically In Recent Years (minus some of the more obvious ones like Chris Brown, Drake, and Matt Kemp). There’s no way she’s possibly hooked up with all of these guys. Er, right?

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