Showtek Reveals Next Crazy Collab Exclusively to VIBE


Hard Dance DJ duo Showtek (Sjoerd and Wouter Janssen, aka Walt Jenssen & Duro, aka Swaffelen fanatics), are taking full advantage of living like rock stars on the IDentity Tour this summer. “We like to party hard,” says Showtek, adding, “we just did our sixth show, we think. The EDM producers/brothers/cute boys can’t be sure what day it is because they “are so mind f—ked that we just don’t know!”

VIBE caught up with Showtek at Jones Beach on Saturday, July 28, where the Dutch Masters invited us onto their pimped out tour bus for some spillage about everything from their affinity for Swaffelen, a new production in the works with a remix master and naturally, a shot (or two) of Jagermeister.

VIBE: How does it feel to start getting US recognition?
Showtek: We never really wanted to push it, like fake push it. We wanted it to go natural, just make big f–king tracks and have a f–king great show—then the people will come back.

Tell us about your single track “How We Do” (dropped July 30th).
People know us from our pretty hard shows, harder than the average EDM DJ. We work as producers so we have the knowledge to produce really diverse music. But we never actually did it because the scene wasn’t ready for it. And now America is so fucking big at the moment. So after all those years, we said were going to start up a new project called Crazy Collabs. The first collab, “Hell Yeah” with Tiësto was a massive track. The second was with Hardwell, “How We Do”. And the next is with Bassjackers. It’s going to be on Musical Freedom.

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