Showtek Reveals Next Crazy Collab Exclusively to VIBE


Who are you collaborating with next that no one knows about?
(As this moment the brothers talk to each other debating, “We could tell her who called yesterday”—I make them spill using serious Kung Fu techniques)… It’s R3hab. His remixes are really sick. We met in Miami. He’s from Morocco. And he liked the track with Tiësto. He said, “If you have time just send me a demo.” He called yesterday and said it was done. We need to get into the studio and finish.

What’s up with the term Swaffelen?
It means a di-k slap in the face, but with an 80 percenter. It’s such a big word. It’s in the official dictionary now.

Have you ever Swaffeled anybody?
Yes, of course. You can Swaffel an object as well.

If you could Swaffel one celebrity, who would it be?
Oprah Winfrey… I don’t know. We always forget her name…Megan Fox.

Sum up your sound in one sentence:
Hard, banging party music.

***Banging is NOT to be confused with Swaffeling.