Snoop Dogg: “Hip-Hop Is Ready for a Gay Rapper”


In an interview with the Salt Lake Tribune, Snoop Dogg revealed his recent thoughts on homosexuality in hip-hop.

He offered some sincere optimism on this controversial issue in regards to the world being “ready for an openly gay rapper.” This statement of support, coming from a rapper with both longevity and pop culture status in the game, could be a major influence to fans.

Snoop acknowledges that the changing times have been the most meaningful factor as to why a major gay rapper should be able to receive some shine now more ever, even in light of bizarre debacles happening like at the fast-food chain Chick-Fil-A.

He told Salt Lake that: “People are learning how to live and get along more, and accept people for who they are and not bash them or hurt them because they’re different.” “When I was growing up, you could never do that and announce that,” continued Snoop. “There would be so much scrutiny and hate and negativity, and no one would step (forward) to support you because that’s what we were brainwashed and trained to know.”

While gay rights continues to be a huge issue for conservatives and liberals in the government and public rallies by the people in the streets, Snoop’s support of gay rights comes a month or so following Jay-Z’s approval of President Obama’s endorsement of gay marriage (Hov declared “It was the right thing to do”), and Frank Ocean’s summer revelation in which he disclosed in a letter that he’s first love was a man, in the wake of glowing reviews for his Channel Orange.

While lesbian/bisexual rappers haven’t caught as much flak for their orientation such as Lady Luck and Cyryus, the matter of the gay rapper has more of a precaution due to hip-hop’s homophobic nature, confirmed by gay rappers like Dutchboy, Deadlee, and Tori Fixx speaking out on their struggles to gain respect. Even N.O.R.E. in an interview with DJ Vlad admitted to knowingly having worked with gay rappers.