“Snow On Tha Bluff” To Be Released On Blu-Ray In The U.K.

If you enjoyed Top Boy, then this may be up your alley, Guv’nor! After creating a firestorm of controversy and “Is this real?!” tweets from celebrities such as Questlove, Damon Russell’s crime-drama Snow on Tha Bluff is being prepared for a Blu-ray release. Showbox Media have revealed that the D-boy, gangster-flick will hit retail shelves in the United Kingdom on November 12th. The film’s premise is about an Atlanta robber and crack dealer, named Curtis Snow, who steals a camera from a some college kids in a dope deal gone wrong, and documents his daily life in the hood known as “Tha Bluff.” If you haven’t seen the trailer, yet, then you can watch it for yourself below: The film made its premiere at the 2011 Slamdance Film Festival and even got a limited theatrical release this past April. The little ratchet film that could has quite the extra preservatives for your home viewing experience. These special features include, “A Day in the Life of Baby Curtis,” an interview with Michael K. Williams (The Wire) and Curtis Snow, the “Definition of Bluff,” behind the scenes footage, and extended and deleted scenes. Snow on Tha Bluff stars Cat Erickson, Adrienne Lockett and Curtis Lockett, and will hit stores across the pond on November 12th. You can currently stream the movie on Netflix. Props: Shadow and Act