Sony Debuts Three New Games At Gamescom 2012

Gamescom 2012 seemed to be the highlight of everyone’s day, but Sony may have had the best show of the week!

Sony has used the Gamescom 2012 stage to announce three new games for the PlayStation 3. The first game is entitled Until Dawn from Supermassive Games. Billed as a teen horror that utilizes the PS Move, gamers take control of seven characters and must keep them alive. The goal is to try and solve the mystery of who is killing off the other members in your party. Some of the examples given for using the Move controller is as a flashlight to see in the dark and to map it to real world interactions.

You can see the trailer for Until Dawn below:

Next up was Japan Studio, who has an exclusive partnership with Sony PlayStation, and their game entitled Rain. The atmospheric game finds you in the role of a little boy whose figure can only be seen in the rain. The working title has an eerie element to it, appearing like a quiet ghost story which blends puzzles and platforming. It will be available on the PlayStation Network and you can watch the trailer for yourself below:

Last, but certainly not least was Puppeteer, a platformer brought to gamers from SCE Worldwide. This colorful side-scroller finds a boy being turned into a puppet. After finding a pair of magic scissors, he must then interact with the environment (using the PS Move) and defeat enemies to find his way home. The whole game takes place on a “stage,” utilizing an ingenious way to redefine traditional side-scrollers. The staff brought in to develop this game includes Kazunobu Sato of Shiren and Shiren 2 fame, along with Takashi Mizutani, who served as lead artist on Metal Gear Solid and Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty.

See it in action below:

Release windows weren’t mention for either Rain or Puppeteer, but Sony will deliver on its promise of more details in the coming months.

Props: VideoGamer