Stevie J Talks Past Relationships, Lack of Commitment to Mimi and Biggest Insecurity


Fans are preparing to tune into tonight’s season finale (Aug. 20) of Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta, the popular VH1 show that has kept us overly entertained for the last several Mondays.

Stevie J, the epicenter of drama for his baby mother Mimi Faust and girlfriend Joseline Hernandez, spoke with The Jasmine Brand to clear up a few things. From the three-way therapy session to his past relationship with Whoopi Goldberg’s daughter Alex, the “hitman” opens up, only holding back from his current status with his lady co-stars. The confident ladies man even talks about his biggest insecurity.

Read the excerpts below:

On what he learned from his relationship with Alex:
Sometimes your friends are your best friends, and you shouldn’t have so much as a friend, and then we became best friends don’t have a relationship with them. I grew to love her as a best friend, then it became something far out of our control. When you throw the ‘L’ word around then emotions start getting crazy. But I realized that if someone is that special to you and you cherish them as a friend, then, don’t try to make it a relationship.

On what prevented you from being committed to Mimi:
I’ve never not been that, I like to do what I like to do when I like to do it. I like to have fun and do me. Everyone has rules in relationships, as long as you follow the rules, when the rules get broken that’s when you have issues, it gets messy and you stepping outside of things.

On the possibility of Mimi dating freely:
You can’t ask me that because I’m not going for that. I don’t have to and I wont. I’m not entertaining that one right there

On his biggest insecurity:
Used to be, getting on stage, being on stage, I’ve had a couple of deals where I always gave money back because I wasn’t ready, divine timing and I am shaking fears and insecurities.

Listen to the full interview here!