Stunt Artist: The 10 Strangest Publicity Stunts of Bow Wow’s Career


The Publicity Stunt: Ripping his label Cash Money on Twitter for failing to support his new project, “Underrated,” by giving it a release date
The Date: August 2012
Did It Work? This is still TBD. Just days before the “hacker” incident, Bow Wow took a subliminal shot at Cash Money by tweeting, “Sh** is so f****d up maaan…I swear. Im tryna stay focused but its like at this point ‘F*** that album’ & F*** a release date. Im doin shows….” Will that make Cash Money start supporting him? Not likely. But, for at least a few days, he had people talking about him again. At least, until he got hacked and started up a whole new conversation about his career. So, Bow Wow: what’s next?!