Surgery Clinic Uses Controversial ‘Little Mermaid’ Ad


This may not be appropriate for the young and young-at-heart.

According to BuzzFeed, Clinica Dempere, a plastic surgery clinic in Caracas, Venezuela, swiped the Disney classic ‘The Little Mermaid’ for its surgery ad. The risque advertisement shows the popular redheaded mermaid getting some “work” done.

Though it’s unclear whether ad agency ZEA BBDO sought out Disney’s lawyers for copyright permission, the company has been known to take legal action. Disney has sued three Florida daycare centers in the past for having unauthorized, unlicensed murals on their walls using Disney characters, the Inquistr reports.

What makes the viral ad even more controversial is its tagline: “We make dreams come true.” A full plot including meeting octopus villain Ursula and deciding whether to get her fins surgically removed also accompanies it.

Is this what all our childhood favorites are coming to?