Swizz Beatz Answers Bangladesh “Irrelevant” Claims


While the drama between “Put it Down” producer Bangladesh and Swizz Beatz continues causes confusion, Thisis50 had the opportunity to catch up with Swizzy on set of his new music video to finally get his take on the situation.

“Y’all gonna start this relevant sh*t, man,” he said. “Don’t let this clown pump you up with this relevant [stuff]. We at this video shoot right now, right.”

As of yesterday Bangladesh refuted his comments about Swizz Beatz during his XXL interview, stating the media outlet twisted his words.

“That’s what they edited,” he wrote on Twitter. “This isn’t real bro interview wasn’t even about u. They slick reversed the focus. Inspiration is who you are so ur relevant. hey edit shit how they want to. that interview wasn’t even about swizzy, she asked a question about swizz and it wasn’t relevant in my interview.”

However, whether or not it was intentional, Swizz Beatz says it’s all good.

“It’s all positive energy from me, man,” he later states. “I can’t get in that zone. I’m just happy to be here. Been doing it since ’98, you know, over 300 something million records sold, domestically.”

Check out the full interview below.