Tennis Pro Andy Roddick To Retire After U.S. Open

Tennis veteran Andy Roddick will retire from the game following his participation in the U.S. Open tournament.

A spokesman for the International Tennis Federation announced Roddick’s retirement on Thursday (Aug. 30).

The 30-year-old tennis pro, who won his 30th career title on the ATP World Tour last year, explained to reporters why he’s gracefully bowing out, stating that “I just feel like it’s time.”

Roddick also spoke about his health holding him back from feeling 100 percent. “I don’t know that I’m healthy enough or committed enough to go another year,” he said. “I’ve always wanted to, in a perfect world, finish at this event — I have a lot of family and friends here… I’ve thought all year that I would know when I got to this tournament,” he said. “When I was playing my first round, I knew.”

Roddick captured four tennis titles In 2004 and won the New York grand slam in 2003, the last American to do so.

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