Teresa Giudice’s ‘Cookbook’ Feud With Caroline Manzo

The Real Housewives of New Jersey are back at each others throats.

This time comments made in Teresa Giudice’s Fabulicious cookbook about co-star Caroline Manzo being “as Italian as the Olive Garden” built up into a public fight on a recent episode.

“This is why I want nothing to do with you — you are a disgrace! I’d like to admit what you’ve done to me. Tell me the truth: That you meant to do that to me in the cookbook. Tell me you hate me!,” Manzo shouted at Guidice.

Giudice maintained that her comments were just jokes: “I have more class than you. I can definitely prove it to you on my kids,” Giudice told Manzo. “I’m telling the truth. I don’t know how to lie. I never ever, ever, ever wrote one bad thing about you.”

Things got even uglier on the wrap-up special. USWeekly has the details:

“I only got involved when she turned around and said ‘I apologize for the cookbook,'” said Manzo, 51, who declared her frenemy to be a “sociopath” and a “fraud” during their wide-ranging spat that led to Giudice storming out and calling Manzo a “c–t.” “The apologies were always for the cameras, for the public reaction. I’m never going to accept it so [she should] shut up already. Just say to me ‘I was so angry about you and I was a bitch.'”

In her own interview segment with Cohen, Giudice, 40, brushed off Manzo’s insults. “Caroline thinks she’s better than everybody. She’s definitely not better than me,” Giudice said. “What she says to me doesn’t really bother me. Caroline has nothing on me. I don’t know what’s happening in her head. She’s a very angry person.”

As she and Giudice sever their friendship ties for good, Manzo told Cohen she’s anxious to put season 4 of Real Housewives to bed — and isn’t worried one bit about being labeled a villain.

“Understand one thing: I have never attacked her, never said anything that wasn’t in response to something she said to me. I do get agitated and I’m only human,” Manzo — who shares grown kids Albie, Christopher and Lauren with husband Albert — said. “If [viewers] think I’m a bully, that’s fine. I just want my husband and kids to love Caroline Manzo and I’m good. If I have to be the most hated woman in the country because of that moment, so be it. That’s my truth.”