The Braxton’s Talk About The New Season, Business Ventures and More


America’s new favorite sisters are back on WE TV for a special, 6-episode season of the Braxton Family Values. Trina, Tamar, Traci and Ms. E recently sat down with VIBE to discuss new albums, new background singers, new businesses and new drama!

VIBE Vixen: So season 2.5 just started, what are we to expect for this 6-episode, mini season?
Tamar: We call it 2.5 because its an extension of season 2 but it’ turned up all the way to the max. [laughs]

Turned up how?
Tamar: What?! It’s very, very detailed and, we’re very open and honest on our show, but this 6 series in particular has a lot going on. We’re dealing with real life issues that were actually happening while we were filming. There’s a lot going on with Towanda, with Trina. My moms opening up her business.

Speaking of these real life issues, you’re considering having Towanda as your surrogate, why did you choose to go that route?
Tamar: Well, without giving anything away, when I first figured out that it was time for Vince and I to get serious about starting a family, I ran into some complications and I didn’t know the result of them at the time. So I had to prepare myself just in case the results came back…you know..Since you have your show coming out on the 20th, are we going to see a lot of you in this season or is it going to focus on the other sisters?
Tamar: I’m definitely going to always be a part of Braxton Family Values before I do anything else. This is the core of my life. I enjoy being around and working with my sisters. I’m in it, but it’s a lot of this one! [points at Trina]

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