The Chic Guide: Double Your Print Pleasure Like Solange


From Uptown

Floral, striped, polka dot, or tribal—you name it, we’ve all been going nuts over these charming prints. Normally we tend to stick to one patterned fabric at a time, but take a cue from the American flag. Combining stars and stripes in one look can be style genius! For some, wearing multiple prints simultaneously can be a bit challenging, but remember the following simple pattern-mixing rule of thumb and you will be creating chic print mash-ups with ease.

The Rule: Always keep in mind your print proportions by balancing out larger prints with smaller ones.

And if all else fails, let style maven Solange inspire you—she’s not only a master at mixing records, but also her ability to fabulously clash prints is genius. With her help you’ll be perfectly printed in no time!

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