Is There A Prob With Men Calling Their Perfect Girl The ‘B-Word’?

via WWMD: For someone whose mouth is usually stuffed with expletives, two days ago Kanye West served me some sweet cuss I just couldn’t swallow. In a now suspiciously deleted tweet, Yeezy confirmed that he wrote a tender song called “Perfect Bitch,” about you guessed it, his perfect girl bitch, Kim Kardashian. Who in an act of perfect appreciation, reportedly told her not-so perfect bitches that she feels honored by the title.

Right then and there, I really should’ve ordered my eyebrows to calm the hell down. Because truthfully, just a year ago if you were fearless enough to tug at my earbuds, it’s likely that my double-digitth blast session of Kanye and Hov’s “That’s My Bitch,” may have greeted ya.

Yall know I’m a bullhorned member of #teamestrogen so cool it! Those listening sessions happened in the privacy of my Beats and non-judging loved ones haha. I even balanced its high play count by tweeting about Hov’s life contradictions in reference to his 2002 joint, “Bitches & Sisters,” an ethos that ironically evaporated once that B word stood for Beyoncé.

And now, non-bitches of mine, is a good time for me to apologize for my own impending contradictions. I’m sorry.

Okay, lets continue. Our private and/or public devouring of the word bitch is like this multi-layered, poo-flavored cake that we all have the dumbest reasons for eating. Look, it’s honestly not the most terrible term in the dictionary (‘Gorgon’ comes equipped with way sharper talons) and certainly doesn’t always have the worst intentions behind it (surely Beyoncé would’ve mentioned that in a female anthem by now, right?), however with the heavy-handed help of some of our favorite rappers—male and female—bitch has become perhaps the most edible dirty word of them all, used for good and evil—sometimes at the same damn time.

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