T.I. Gives His Opinion on Rappers Using Ghostwriters


GlobalGrind: There was a lot of talk about hip-hop’s dark secret of people using ghostwriters. Do you think this takes away from hip-hop, or does it even matter, as long as the verse is hot?

T.I.: I don’t know. I’ve never done it myself. I’ve never done it. I sat in rooms and I challenge myself with the verses. Bounce them off the minds of people in the room. I’ve had people write hooks for me and shit, but verses? I’ve never had anyone do that. If it works for them, then shit, keep doing it, if that’s what it takes. I’d rather have somebody who’s my favorite, collaborate with somebody else and have the best possible project they can have, than do it on their own, and it be some bullshit. As a fan of music, I think as long as the best possible project was delivered to the fans, that’s all that matters.
If they are going to try to compare themselves to the greats now, then I think you must have an asterisk by their name. If you’re considered a great, then whoever was helping you should be up there in a column with your name as well.

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