Tiësto’s Club College Invasion Tour + DJ Competition!


Listen up college kids, Tiësto has an assignment for you.

To say that college students have been paramount to the resurgence of dance music in the US would be an understatement. World class DJ and scene veteran, Tiësto, seems to know this, and it’s why the highest grossing DJ of all time has targeted his next tour specifically to college students, with his forthcoming “Club Life College Invasion Tour.”

But now the American based Dutch producer is taking it one step further; he’s not just playing for the college crowd that has helped his notoriety surge in the states, he’s ready to discover new talent, and he’s teaming up with Sirius XM to offer 15 college DJs the chance of a lifetime: Their own slot on Tiesto’s Club Life Radio Station. Check it out here.

Think you can tell Tiësto in 100 words why you should have a one hour slot on his Sirius XM Radio show? Do you have ten tracks in mind that you’d like to lay down to a national audience of listeners? This may be the easiest assignment you’ve done in college, but doing well on this one will feel so much better than making the Dean’s list.

For every college Tiësto is visiting on his tour, he will choose one DJ to perform an hour long set a few days before each of his upcoming tour dates on his Sirius XM radio station, and at the end of the tour in Oct., one diamond in the rough will be selected by the DJ God himself to play a monthly show on Tiësto’s Club Life Radio Station and have their work showcased alongside the biggest and best names in the industry for up to six months. Not a student at one of the 15 schools that have been selected to host the show? We’ll let you in on a secret; the contest form doesn’t require you to prove membership to any of the schools to participate.

Entries will be judged on originality, enthusiasm, and their relevance to Tiësto’s Club Life Radio theme. So study up! This is one reflection assignment you don’t want to slack on.