Tiffany Evans Opens Up About Motherhood, Matthew Knowles & Rihanna Drama


You were emancipated from your mom. What’s the story behind that?

I was emancipated from my mom and dad when I was 15 years old. It’s a long, tough story, but I will say that making that decision was a great decision for me. Every family has its ups and downs, some a little more severe than others, but I hope that everything comes together in the end. That’s all I’m gonna say right now.

Understandable. Have you and your husband come up with a baby name yet?

We have! I’m not going to tell it just yet. It’s a beautiful name, though!

Since you’re having a baby girl, and you know all that comes along with the industry at a young age, would you let her become a child star?

Honestly, it’s hard to think about that. I know I have to prepare myself, but if she came to me, and she was really sincere with wanting to pursue the entertainment industry, I would just be there for her. I would tell her all of the information that she needs to know—the do’s and don’ts and who to look out for. I want her to be able to talk to me. Your children have to be able to talk to you, because if they don’t they’ll talk to someone else. You don’t know if that someone else will give them the right information. I just want her to be free with me from her heart, and I can help her out. That’s what I want. I’m sure we’re going to have a great relationship. I just want to be there for my daughter.

You’ve done some acting in the past. Is that something that you’re going to get back into or are we just focused on the music right now?

Most definitely! I love acting. I’m going to pursue it again. We have to take a break now, but after the baby I’m going to go back out to L.A and do some auditions. I was doing that earlier this year. My agent set up some meetings with directors and producers, and different auditions, but the next day I found out I was pregnant [Laughs]! We had to slow down, but the goal is to continue after the baby comes.

You have a very loyal fan base. Do you want to say anything to them?

I just wanna say that I love #TeamTiff so much, and I thank them for going to hard for me! They’ve been there since the beginning, and I appreciate them in ways that they don’t understand. I just can’t wait to give them everything that they want from me.

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