Vixen Chat: Tracee Ellis Ross Talks Optimum 6-in-1 Miracle Oil, Natural Hair & Transitioning

Beauty brand Optimum Salon Haircare, a leader in providing noteworthy hair care products for women of color, recently unveiled the latest addition to their hair care line, 6-in-1 Miracle Oil. During Optimum’s Discover Your Hair Miracle presentation for their new product hosted by actress and our two-time cover girl Tracee Ellis Ross, Vixen was on the scene to see exactly what makes Optimum’s 6-in-1 Miracle Oil a “miracle” and why it should be a necessity in every Vixen’s beauty collection.

Optimum’s 6-in-1 Miracle Oil promises to help you de-clutter and eliminate many of your hair care products in exchange for this one invigorating miracle worker in a bottle. Now what makes this oil elixir a miracle is the variety of ways it can be incorporated into hair care and even body care. The mix can be used for hot oil treatments, leave-in conditioners, breakage prevention, frizz control, locking out humidity and even works as a body moisturizer. It also works on all hair types, so whether you’re a naturalista or a woman loving relaxers, this product is meant for you.

Thus far, I’ve used this little miracle worker to moisturize my scalp and the ends of my hair before a blow out after a was, and it has left my hair feeling silky smooth, stronger and smelling simply marvelous. But even Tracee Ellis Ross can agree, and this Vixen certainly knows best.

Tracee revealed how much she loves and lives by Optimum’s 6-in-1 Miracle Oil. While washing her hair in the shower, she uses the oil in a spray bottle to give her a hair a little bit of treatment working it into her scalp and curls. For her, this product works best when her bold, beautiful curly tresses aren’t acting accordingly and go into diva mode. Also, adding one more miracle to the bunch, Tracee also uses the oil on her cuticles.

Following the presentation, we had a quick chat with Tracee on her natural hair and the transitional phase and here’s what she had to say…