Vixen Chat: Tracee Ellis Ross Talks Optimum 6-in-1 Miracle Oil, Natural Hair & Transitioning

VIBE Vixen: When did you begin loving your hair and embracing your beautiful tresses?
It was around 10th grade when the process began. My hair was confusing to me. I just didn’t know quite what to do with it and my mom was so supportive. She would kind of support whatever direction I was moving with. From maybe 8 to 14, things got confusing; I started relaxing my hair. I was blowing it out and I just couldn’t quite figure it out on my own. Then at 14, when I moved home from Europe, that’s when I kind of started finding my curls and that’s when the journey began.

Do you have any advice for Vixens who are currently transitioning?
I think in the transition–go slow, be gentle and figure out a transition style that works for you where you don’t have to keep putting heat on it. For me, it was the bun, and I know how to braid my hair. All the braid styles that I do, I do my self. It’s really saved me because it looks so pretty. You feel like you’re really done and yet your hair doesn’t have to go through a major process of heat and curling irons or anything.

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(Photo Credit: Bennett Raglin)