TRAILER: Avengers Battle For Earth In New Clip

The formerly cancelled game has a new lease on life and a new trailer which premiered live from Gamescom. Check it out after the jump.

An all new trailer from Gamescom showing off Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth has landed safely in our inbox, and was released by Ubisoft Quebec. In the clip, the game shows off very lush and interactive environment which were inspired by iconic Marvel comic artwork and the Secret Invasion storyline. Battle for Earth will be available for the Xbox 360 and Wii U to allow gamers the opportunity to suit up as their favorite superhero or villain in a brouhaha for the ages.

You can get a hint of what you’re getting into below:

The game will include 20 Marvel characters such as Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America and Thor, each with four moves, and combat is entirely motion controlled whether playing in co-op, campaign, arcade, challenge, versus or tournament modes. Progress unlocks new outfits and collector cards. Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth should make Kinect fans happy as the game will release on December 31, 2012.

Props: VG/247