Trey Songz Admits He Used To Date Lauren London

During an interview with San Francisco’s 106KMEL, Trey Songz spilled details on his past relationship with actress Lauren London, who’s also the mother of one of Lil Wayne’s kids. The six-packed crooner also commented on his ex-girlfriend Helen’s engagement and Ne-Yo’s recent criticism of his music.

On dating Lauren London:
“I’m gonna say this right now, Lauren London is a very important person to me. I love her to death. Is she my woman? No. We are great friends and, yes we have been lovers before. And I’m saying this right now ’cause I’m tired of people asking me about that shit.”

On his ex-girlfriend Helen’s engagement:
“I’m happy for her, we haven’t been together in three years. She hit me up and let me know before it came out, and I told her I was happy for her. She said, ‘I’m engaged,’ and I was like ‘Wooow, congratulations.’ Our relationship; we cool. I have a lot of love for her, a lot of love for her family, and if she’s happy with a man who can do for her what I couldn’t then, that’s what she deserves.”

On Ne-Yo’s comments
“I’ma talk to Ne-Yo when I see him. It ain’t even that. The thing is that Ne-yo knows me. Ain’t no need to have that conversation for the world to hear, you know. And I feel like that’s a sucker move.”

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