Twitter Subpoenaed By NYPD Over Man’s Threat to Shoot Up Tyson Play

Let’s pray the following report is solved before any more madness occurs.

According to NBC, the NYPD are asking Twitter to turn over information about a user who has been threatening an Aurora, Colorado-like shooting at Broadway’s Longacre Theatre—where Mike Tyson is currently performing his Undisputed Truth.

The Twitter threats go as far back as last week, when the user wrote about making a hit list. He (or she) tweeted, “i wanna kill alot of people” and, “I might just shoot up this theater in new York I know they leave their exit doors unlocked. Ha now I gotta plan it step by step.” Then, on Aug. 2, in a response tweet to another user referring to Tyson’s show—this was tweeted out: “Well ima shoot that theater up tonight just trust me.”

The latest tweet occurred on Aug. 3, responding to a tweet that mentioned not seeing anything on the news about the threat from the previous night. The user tweeted, “I had last minute plans. I’m in Florida rite now but it’ll happen i promise I’m just finishing up my hit list.”

Twitter felt, In an e-mail response to the NYPD, that the threat did not fall within its parameters for invoking emergency-disclosure procedures.

We’re going to need Twitter to open their eye on this one. Written evidence doesn’t lie!