Tyrese Talks Sprite Films Program, New Album & TGT Comeback

After releasing five highly successful albums and starring in several hit Blockbuster films, including 2 Fast 2 Furious, Four Brothers and Transformers, singer turned actor, Tyrese Gibson, has certainly garnered one pretty impressive resume. Now, due to a new collaboration with Sprite Films, it appears that the international superstar can add “mentor” to his resume as well.

VIBE caught up with Tyrese while he was on-set filming for his new movie and got the scoop on his new “Celebrity Mentor” role for the Sprite Films Program, and what musical treats he has in store for his fans.

The Sprite Film Program – formerly known as the “Coca-Cola Refreshing Filmmaker’s Award,” is an annual program that encourages young filmmakers to catapult their talents to new heights by igniting the flame of creativity and untapped potential. This year, eight finalists from around the country were selected to not only produce, write and direct their own short films, but have Tyrese personally mentor them and share his wisdom. Besides competing for the first place prize – which allows the winner’s short film to be shown in select theaters – the finalists were also given the opportunity to attend CinemaCon and Universal Pictures’ workshops.

Tyrese, who was approached by Sprite Films via phone, said that he was very honored to mentor students for the program.

“I guess through social media and other outlets like my book, people are really starting to wrap their heads around the idea and concept that I love to speak and share what I know,” said Tyrese. “I never claimed to be the most famous or most knowledgeable person but what I do know, I like to put it out there and try and help and make a difference in someone’s life if I can.”

When asked about the type of advice that he gave the finalists, Tyrese said that he pretty much shared everything he lives his life according to.

“We are perception creators, and visions, ideas, concepts and dreams have no value if they stay in your mind and your heart,” said Tyrese. “You have to get them out so that the world can experience them. I also told them that I think that this world is an empty canvas waiting on new thoughts to think, and it’s on us to create those thoughts. [So just them as directors and writers, I said, I need you to understand and know that what you’re about to create – whether you win this contest or not – is going to create new perceptions.] If it stays in your mind, then what good is that as far as impacting the world?”

On His Music:

In February 2012, Tyrese rereleased his 5th studio album, Open invitation, as a special Valentine’s Day incentive, and soon after announced the title for his next album, Black Rose.

“Black Rose is Black love,” said Tyrese. “I know a thing or two about Black love – and I think love is a universal language – but I know a thing or two about Black love, specifically. The rose is really just about the rose and what roses mean to women – specifically around the world – and Black Rose is just a clever way of saying Black love, but its Black rose.”

Furthermore, although he is best-known for love ballads, Tyrese said that Black Rose will not be limited to just slow jams.

“Love is uptempo, it makes you dance,” said Tyrese. “Its midtempo. Love puts you in a space of thinking, processing and internalizing. Love is sex, love is love-making, love is a lot of things.”

However, according to Tyrese, his collaborative project with TGT – the R&B super-group composed of Tyrese, Ginuwine and Tank – takes precedence to any solo project.

“We did a huge deal over at Atlantic and we’re about 19 songs unto this album right now so this album is going to be coming out long before Black Rose could ever see the light of day,” said Tyrese. “Us doing this album together is just really all about reminding all the R&B fans that are out there of why they fell in love with true R&B in the first place. No house, no techno, we’re not concerned about things crossing over, we just want to really go after that core demographic and see their souls because they’re just waiting.”

Besides working on the TGT album, Tyrese is also prepping for the TGT tour – “The Shirts Off’ tour – and “Manology,” his joint book with Rev Run.

“Manology is like a biology type of thing where we’re dissecting the thought of man,” said Tyrese. “We’re talking about love, life, spirituality, relationships, challenges, conflicts; all the above and all in one book and me and Rev wrote it together.”

More information on “Manology” can be found here: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1451681844?ie=UTF8&camp=213733&creative=393185&creativeASIN=1451681844&linkCode=shr&tag=xver10-20&redirect=true

Readers can also watch and vote online for their favorite Sprite finalist video on www.Sprite.com. Voting ends Friday, August 31. Voters can win a trip for four to Universal Orlando Resort, including airfare, hotel and park tickets.