ULTRA Music and The Ultra Music Festival Are Joining Forces

Ultra Music Festival and Ultra Music (yup, they are separate entities!) today have joined forces by their respective co-founder and CEO, Russell Faibisch and Patrick Moxey. Their plan is to create the most comprehensive and accessible network of the international EDM (electronic dance music) community for its fans, press, and business associates, under one powerful name… ULTRA.

This newly formed venture will cover platforms across the board in various departments such as live events; video/film; music; publishing; promotion/management; marketing and production. As EDM is becoming more and more recognized by the mainstream media as a major force of influence in style and sound in America, and especially overseas, ULTRA can be expected to dominate the spectrum and inspire its audience.

As a global brand, Moxey, President and Co-Founder of Ultra Music, has expectations that aren’t necessarily stringent but definitely hopeful: “We are very excited about this new stage of collaboration between Ultra Music and Ultra Music Festival. Russell and his team are setting new high standards for live electronic music experiences with their festivals and we are proud to work with them with Ultra Music and our roster of electronic artists.”

Faibisch, President of the Ultra Music Festival, adds: “We are a very proud independent organization and it is critical that we stay true to the music and close to the roots of the culture that we have grown with over the last fifteen years. While EDM seems to be the flavor of the month for many corporations buying their way into our scene, building this long term strategic alliance with Patrick Moxey and Ultra Music sets the stage for establishing ULTRA as the essential global lifestyle brand for the best of everything EDM has to offer”.

Together, ULTRA Music and the Ultra Music Festival are determined to turn the music industry upside-down-inside out and “spin” the scene to epic heights.


Here is episode 1 from UMF TV with superstar Avicii (including his opening gig for Madonna on her tour):