Uncharted Movie Loses Another Director

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Is Hollywood’s latest departure a result of Drake’s Curse?

The question is posed due to the much ballyhooed Uncharted film adaption having to go back to the drawing board, yet again.

Variety is reporting that scribes Marianne and Cormac Wibberley (Disney’s National Treasure franchise) will be rewriting the script of Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune due to issues with the original script. Meanwhile, Neil Burger, who fans applauded for joining the project, is no longer on-board as director. The producers have decided to wait for the script rewrite to be finished before they restart their search for a helmer.

Burger, who is best known for the films Limitless and The Illusionist, wasn’t initially the first in line to direct. David O. Russell had previously been tapped for the gig before moving on to pursue other projects.

Most intriguing about this news is the relative downgrade from A-list project (Mark Wahlberg was rumored to play Nathan Drake) to C-list. Will the “epic” and “ambitious” project still retain that grit that gamers have come to love about Naughty Dog’s stellar franchise? Or will audiences be introduced to another bloated video game disaster that doesn’t make the cut?

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