V Exclusive! Kenoe and Tone The Beat Bully Talk ‘GFID’ Production, Upcoming Projects and Why The Streets Love MMG

Tone the Beat Bully and Kenoe have probably produced every hit on your current playlist.

The young producers (both 21 and 29 respectively) of Da Night Rydas (comprised of Kenoe, Tone, Snizzy and Crack Coke) collective have been called on numerous times by the likes of 2 Chainz, Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne, just to name a few. But their recent contributions to Rick Ross’ “God Forgives, I Don’t” as well as Meek Mill’s “Dreams and Nightmares” have made them a staple in the Maybach production line-up.

Even if they’re the last to hear the final products, the talented melody makers are confident their beats will turn into bangers. In honor of #MaybachMusicWeek, Tone and Kenoe tell VIBE how their records were selected, their upcoming projects and why the streets love MMG.

Kenoe, you produced “Pirates” on ‘God Forgives, I Don’t.’ What was the experience like working with Ross?

Kenoe: I was in Miami at the studio with Wayne, working on ‘Carter V’ and I saw Ross. I gave him a CD with a few tracks on it then they hit me back and asked if that music was stil avaiable, told ‘em, yeah and there it was.

So you didn’t work in the studio together physically?

K: No. We were supposed to get in the studio a few times, one time in Miami and one time in L.A. We kept missing each other.

Tone, you did “So Sophisticated.” Were you able to work with Ross in the studio at all?

Tone: Nah.

It’s been out for some time. How’d you like the final product?

T: I think it’s a great song. You know if you play that in the club, the club love it. It’s a great club record, a hard street anthem.

Rick Ross is very particular. He knows what’s gonna be a hit. What do you think he heard in both of your beats that stood out?

K: When you hear “Pirates,” it’s just a Rick Ross beat. It fits his flow. As a producer, when you submit beats to a rapper,you pretty much be like, ‘Oh I could hear such and such on this beat.’ And the “Pirates” beat, the only person I could hear crash that beat was Ross or like Jay-Z.

T: Same. I made my beat with Ross in mind.

Even for “Stay Schemin?”

T: Actually that was a random beat I made and I had sent it to Spiff I think. And Ross, he had an A&R over at MMG.

What do you think it is about Rick Ross and MMG’s music that the streets love so much?

K: It’s street music and they can relate to it. They rapping about the lifestyles of people who are in the streets, in the clubs. They’re rapping about people that live that kind of lifestyle. They’re painting that life for them.

T: People in the streets relate to that stuff. They be having hot production too.

What do you think separates them from the other music crews out there cause you both have experience working with YMCMB and G.O.O.D. music is dropping their material too.

T: They just got their own stuff down. I mean they pick their style of beats so I don’t think you could compare any of them because MMG is different from YMCMB and G.O.O.D. Music.

Is it the beats they choose or what they rap about?

T: The beats and the lyrics.

Did either of you get to hear any part of ‘GFID’ beforehand?

K: Snippets. We definitely haven’t heard the whole songs. With the way stuff be leaking, a lot of these guys gotta be tight with their music cause you just don’t know who to trust and then the people you do trust, they be leaking your stuff so I understand.

It’s funny because you would think that the people who made the beats would get VIP access.

K: Producers get treated the worst.

T: It’s true.

Why do you say that?

K: There is no VIP with the producers.

So you guys are the last to hear it pretty much.

K: We were in the studio with Khaled and he was like ‘Yeah, the beat you did on Ross, he did his thang on it.’ And you’re like ‘Oh, ok.’ *laughs* You really don’t know.

Let’s talk ‘Dreams and Nightmares’ from Meek Mill. What’s that album looking like?

T: He’s got a bunch of incredible records. He made a lot of stuff to my beats but I don’t know the names of them. They just played them.

K: I went in the studio with Meek for ‘Dreams and Nightmares’ in L.A. I didn’t hear none of his stuff. He was just checking out some beats from me. Then me and Jahlil made some stuff and we were out here working on it. You know how it is. We just working on it and won’t hear it till it’s over. But Meek’s cool, that my dude. He’s just down to earth. He’s just a regular dude, enjoying his success and we just kicked it with him last week.

Tone, you did “Ima Boss” for him. What’s the story behind that?

T: That was originally for Jeezy. Jahlil Beats [my brother] made that for Jeezy. We would randomly go to the studio and Meek would tell us to play him some stuff. And Jahlil had this record for Jeezy but he was like I’ma play it to see if he cool with it. He played it for Meek. Instantly Meek was like this is a hit. Meek called up Ross and I think this was before Meek was signed to Ross and he was like, ‘Yo you better hop up on this’. And so Meek laid his verse right then and there and he sent it to Ross and he put the finishing touches on it.

How long did it take to make that whole track?

T: Meek did his verse quick. He already knew. Meek don’t write anything. He be thinking his stuff off the top of his head.

You said that Meek wasn’t even signed then. Did you see that alliance happening before it became official?

T: Oh yeah of course. I thought it was a perfect match for him. The type of music Meek make is for the streets. He is on the same tip that Ross on.

How do you think his debut album is gonna do?

K: He’s gonna be good. He got a nice buzz right now and he’s making good music.

How was working with Khaled for ‘Kiss The Ring?’

T: I got a banger on there — French, Ross, Meek.. it’s called “For My Dogs.”

Kenoe, anything you can reveal about your contribution to 2 Chainz’ album?

K: I have a song on there that’s pretty dope and 2 Chainz played some of the songs. People are gonna be surprised. The lyrical content is crazy.The beats are crazy. It’s one of the albums that I produced on that I’m most looking forward to hearing. I’m excited, especially ’cause I watched his grind, to get to where he’s at. I just think he put together a great body of work that the fans are gonna be pleased with. Even the people who wasn’t fans are gonna be fans.

Why should people check for the both of you?

K: We on everybody’s projects. We working on R&B like Kelly Rowland. We pretty much working. like I did “Beez in the Trap,” “House Party,” “Stay Schemin.” We in the club and we hear all our records.

T: Back to back.

K: And it’s not cause we in there. They don’t even know who we are. We just tryna put out the most quality sounding music collectively and work with whoever wanna work with us. But when they see our name is on a project, that’s enough for them to get excited.