V Playlist: Havoc, Game, Naledge, Nipsey Hussle, Mikkey Halsted x Pusha T

VIBE’s Daily Additions to the ‘Pod

1. Havoc – “Separated (Real From The Fake)”
Still sucks that shit is going down they way it is between Mobb Deep. Whether or not this is aimed at Prodigy, all future projects just won’t be the same until they get their issues straightened out. All things aside however, this isn’t a bad song at all. It has that NYC hip-hop grit.

2. Game – “Amen (Remix)”
This freestyle is ok, but Game need to focus more on some substantial original material. It’s been too long. Better yet, at least decide whether or not you want to get married.

3. Naledge – D.O.P.E. (Danger Over Paper Out East)
Some goodness coming out the underground. This beat is super grimey, topped off with equally dope bars.

4. Nipsey Hussle – “Tell Me What You Want”
Shoutout to Nipsey for coming through on this with the 90s nostalgic steez. The only problem we have with this is that it’s too short! Mase & the girls of Total are somewhere doing a slow head bop to this.

5. Mikkey Halsted (feat. Pusha T) – “Momma In My Ear”
While the beat doesn’t do too much on the production end, it leaves ample space for both MC to shine with their lyricism. With that, they don’t disappoint.