V Playlist: Lupe Fiasco, Trey Songz x Meek Mill x Diddy, Gunplay, Nipsey Hussle, Jim Jones

VIBE’s Daily Additions to the ‘Pod

1. Lupe Fiasco – “Lamborghini Angels”
Damn, Food & Liquor II is looking like a treat! Lupe’s style lately has really been on a “steer-us-back-to-classic-hip-hop” flow, and this latest offering shows that pretty well. The beat, the verse, the cadence—everything is good here.

2. Trey Songz (feat. Meek Mill & Diddy) – “Check Me Out”
Maybe it’s because we thought he was doing strict R&B on this upcoming album, but this wasn’t what we were expecting from Trey. The production is pretty dope, but it seems like it should be Meek Mill’s song as opposed to Trey’s. We see this one playing heavy in the clubs nonetheless.

3. Gunplay – “Take This”
Gunplay got a little boom-bap going on here. If you ignore the crack-use promo, it’s actually a pretty hot freestyle.

4. Nipsey Hussle – “Creep”
Ok, now we see what Nipsey’s doing now. After dropping that Ma$e/Total sample, he’s on to paying TLC homage. While rapping over 90s hip-hop soul beats are cool, it’s kind of not fair to judge because the track will automatically turn out dope strictly because of the era the beat comes from. This is great, but we want new stuff Nip.

5. Jim Jones (feat. Sen City, T.W.O & Mel Matrix) – “All Birds Freestyle”
Were we wrong for thinking Jimmy was gonna respond to Azealia’s diss on this? Since that’s not the situation, this can be summed up as the usual. Nice beat, ok verses, but nothing that really stands out.