Vanessa Bryant Denies Plastic Surgery to Keep Kobe

Kobe Bryant’s wife Vanessa is making it known that she didn’t change her looks for her MVP husband.

The digital world was buzzing about the basketball wife after Dr. Anthony Youn, a plastic surgeon, pointed out to the National Inquirer clear signs of cosmetic adjustments. A picture of her at the 2012 London Olympics showed that her skin tone, nose, brows and lips differed in comparison to the pictures she’s had in past years.

The publication also quoted an unnamed source who said that she felt insecure and wanted to make Kobe happy and keep him from wandering.

According to the Daily Mail, she nipped that rumor in the bud. Although she didn’t deny the facial alterations, her representatives said that the reports of her doing them to keep her man were “100 percent untrue” and “ridiculous.”