Vibe Exclusive Q&A – Fatboy Slim Spills on The Olympics, “Button-Pushers” + More!


The pioneer of big beat, Fatboy Slim, isn’t actually large in size. However, his performance at this year’s closing ceremony at the Olympics was one of behemoth proportions. Similarly, the career of FBS, born Quentin Leo Cook, has been immense, and the 49-year-old Brit ain’t done yet.

VIBE: What were you thinking moments before your Olympics performance?
Fatboy Slim: If that bloody octopus doesn’t behave I am screwed. If the hydraulics work this could be some crazy kinda fun….

Tell us what to expect from Big Beach Bootique Movie?
Simply one of the defining parties of my career captured on film in hd quality and 5;1 sound. Hopefully we’ve captured the atmosphere of what was a very special event in a unique setting. Acid house in a stadium!

How did it feel seeing Big Beach Bootique migrate from a very loose beach party, to filling a soccer stadium, twice, in one weekend?
Not many venues could have felt as special as the parties we did on the beach but the history of the long road to brighton having a stadium and the beauty of the arena. As a rampant brighton and hove albion fan, it was the stuff that dreams are made of.

How do you feel about the buzzword “button-pushers”?
Fairly accurate, though there is more knob twiddling goes on. We DJs are just the people providing the soundtrack and energy for people to escape and party. If we push the right buttons emotionally we are doing our job right.

If you had to choose one rapper to collab with (living) who would it be and why?
I love Snoop’s vibe, or maybe Mos Def.

Describe your sound in ONE sentence as if you were describing it to a 4th grader?
Hard but fair, dirty but accessible, acid house for party lovers.

How the F**K do you know Chistopher Walken, by the way?
I was lucky enough to be introduced to him by Spike Jonze, an alchemist.

Are there any new American breed of producer-djs you’re digging?
If you call the A-Traks, Diplos & Skrillexes the new breed then I think they are the shizzle right now, breakin’ rules and breakin’ hearts!

Find a theater playing Slim’s full-length performance here.